Quality Warranty


Quality warranty:

No damage to printers: 86Ink’s inks will not hurt your printers. If any damage occur to print heads or ink circuit of printers using  86Ink ’s inks, We will replace the damaged print heads and spare parts, or we compensate at standard market prices.

Outdoor durability:  86Ink ’s inks are designed for maximum outdoor resistance to color fading caused by exposure to the sun, precipitation, ozone, wind and pollution. Our best solvent ink can be more than 3 years outdoor durability,

Ink Stability:  86Ink ’s inks keep high stability. The inks will not change in different temperatures as time passes. There is no difference between different batches of inks, which can be used together.

Shelf life: The suggested shelf life is 1 year, but it can still be used even it is beyond that period of time.


Why is high quality of 86Ink’s ink?

Quality concept: We place great emphasis on quality. As we know quality is the basis of our long-term business.

No low-cost competition strategy: We try best to find a good balance between quality and prices. But we will never obtain competition edge with lowest cost ink. As we do long-term business, high-quality ink may increase our customers gradually, but poor-quality ink will make us lose customers for ever.

No immature products: Any new products will not be pushed out to our customers before being tested again and again in different conditions. We conduct the most strict quality control in the world.

We supply quality guarantee: Any loss because of our ink quality will be compensated.

8 years experience of developing and producing digital inkjet ink: We have more than 8 years experience of developing and producing digital inkjet ink, we now export 290,000 liters of ink per month and our customers cover all over the world. We predict and avoid any possible problems.

R&D’ :  86Ink ’s most talented and experienced researchers developed the superb ink formulation, they supply guidance and supervise the ink production. We mastered the most advanced inkjet ink production techniques.

Production equipment: Our advanced production line includes Drais grinding machines, Waring high-speed dispersers, Pall filters, automatic refilling and packaging machines, meeting the high standard expectations set by  86Ink .

Raw material: The raw material providers, which are among the world’s leading chemicals and pigment corporations, ensure maintaining consistency and reliable final products.

Test printing: We have kinds of printers to check the final output of the products. So we merely do not only produce the inks, we test print all our batches as well. Each batch of Ink undergoes detailed and a thorough testing such as nozzle blockage, nozzle loss, decap time and continuous printing to ensure chat the product being shipped to you is tested at length.

Strictest quality control system: We worked out an effective ink quality control system, it includes R&D, raw material supply, every production step control, testing etc, which

makes sure that when you receive an ink it will perform at the highest possible level.